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Car Repair Tips - Video

  1. How to Update Your In-Car Navigation System
  2. How to Update Garmin GPS Map
  3. How to Update Garmin GPS with SD Card
  4. How to Update GPS Navigation Maps in Mitsubishi Vehicle for Free
  5. How to Change Automatic Transmission Fluid and Filter.
  6. How to Change Tie Rods (Inner & Outer Tie Rod Ends).
  7. How to Change a Timing Belt.
  8. How to Change Your Car's Brake Pads.
  9. How to Change Car's Brakes in 10 Minutes! (Rotors and Pads).
  10. How to Change Oil and Filter.
  11. How to Change Brake Fluid.
  12. How to Change Your Wiper Blades
  13. How to Change a Mercedes-Benz Remote Key Battery & Safely Open Its Key Fob
  14. How to Change Wireless Smart Key Lexus Car Battery for Lexus IS, LS, GS, ES, HS Years 2006-2013
  15. How to Change 2005 - 2012 Acura RL Remote Fob Key Battery
  16. How to Change an Infiniti Key Fob Battery
  17. How to Change 2010 - 2020 Nissan Leaf Key Fob Battery
  18. How to Change Toyota Sienna 2006 Brake Pads.
  19. How to Change Your Car's Transmission Fluid
  20. How to Change a Tire Pressure Sensor (TPMS )
  21. How to Replace a Car Headlight Bulb.
  22. How to Replace a Fuel Tank.
  23. How to Replace Struts.
  24. How to Replace Lower Control Arm/Ball Joint.
  25. How to Replace Car's Brake Pads.
  26. How to Replace Rear Disc Brakes.
  27. How to Replace Brake Pads - Rear Disc Brakes.
  28. How to Replace Brake Pads & Rotors.
  29. How to Replace Windshield Wiper Blades.
  30. How to Replace Fuel Filter.
  31. How to Replace a Flat Tire.
  32. How to Replace Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Sensors Without a Tire Machine
  33. How to Replace Key Fob Battery for Acura ILX, MDX, RDX, RLX, TLX
  34. How to Replace the A/C Servo Motor on a 97-01 Camry.
  35. How to Replace Your Garmin Nuvi 1490 Battery.
  36. How to Replace 2007 Lexus ES350 Cabin Air Filter
  37. How to Replace Engine Air Filter 2007-2012 Lexus ES 350 V6 3.5L
  38. How to Replace Lexus ES350 Engine Air Filter
  39. How to Replace Engine Air Filter 2015 Infiniti Q50 V6 3.7L
  40. How to Replace Cabin Air Filter 2008 Infiniti FX35
  41. 2005-2012 How to Replace 2005-2012 Acura RL Cabin Filter
  42. How to Replace Cabin Air Filter 2005 Acura RL
  43. How to Replace Engine Air Filter 2005-2008 Acura RL V6 3.5L
  44. How to Replace Cabin Air Filter of Toyota Sienna.
  45. How to Replace Engine Air Filter of Toyota Sienna.
  46. How to Replace Toyota Lower Control Arm.
  47. How to Replace Radiator 97-01 Toyota Camry and 02-06 Toyota Camry
  48. How to Replace Coolant Temperature Sensor 92-04 Toyota Camry
  49. How to Replace Blower Motor 97-01 Toyota Camry.
  50. How to Replace Blower Motor Fan Motor on 1999 Toyota Camry
  51. How to Replace and Install a Blower Motor on a 2001 Camry
  52. How to Replace a Wheel Bearing on Toyota Sienna 2004.
  53. How to Replace Lexus Key Fob Remote Keyless Battery.
  54. How to Replace Lexus Fob Remote Keyless Battery Replace HS, ES, GS, LS, IS, GX, CT.
  55. How to Replace Lexus IS250 Burned Out Ballast.
  56. How to Replace D4S HID Light Bulb in 2006-2013 Lexus IS250.
  57. How to Replace a Headlight Bulb on a BMW 2006 325i.
  58. How to Replace Head Light Bulb 2005 Infiniti FX35.
  59. How to Replace BMW Key Fob Battery in less than 2 Minutes
  60. How to Replace BMW Key Fob Remote Keyless Battery.
  61. How to Replace BMW X3 X4 X5 X6 Fob Key Battery
  62. How to Replace a BMW Daytime Running Light.
  63. How to Replace & Register Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Sensors on Toyota, Lexus, Scion
  64. How to Replace a Vehicle's Side View Mirror Glass.
  65. How to Replace Lexus IS 250 Battery.
  66. How to Remove a Battery from a 2010 Lexus IS 250
  67. How to Install Brake Rotors and Pads.
  68. How to Install a New Fuel Tank.
  69. How to Troubleshoot a Starter Problem.
  70. How to Troubleshoot When Car Won't Start.
  71. How to Troubleshoot When Engine Rotates But Car Won't Start.
  72. How to Diagnose a Fuel Pump Failure.
  73. How to Diagnose Blown Struts on Car.
  74. How to Diagnose and Fix When Air Bag Light Flashing
  75. How to Diagnose and Replace Battery in a Garmin Nuvi GPS Navigation
  76. How to Find Fluid Leaks in a Vehicle.
  77. How to Find Car Oil Leak with a UV Light and Dye.
  78. How to Fix a Radiator Coolant Leak.
  79. How to Fix a Flat Tire Easy.
  80. How to Fix Engine Oil Leaks.
  81. How to Fix Power Steering in Your Car (Quick).
  82. How to Fix SRS Airbag Warning Light on Dashboard
  83. How to Fix Reset SRS Airbag Warning Light On
  84. How to Fix Lexus "Key Is Not Detected" Remote Fob for IS ES RX NX LS Models
  85. How to Fix a Noisy Blower Motor AC Heat Fan.
  86. How to Fix a Noisy Blower Motor
  87. How to Fix a Noisy Blower Motor on Toyota Sienna
  88. How to Fix Airbag Warning Light and B1861 Error Code on Lexus, Toyota, and Scion Cars
  89. How to Repair Lexus Intermittent HID Headlight Problems.
  90. How to Repair the USB Port in a Garmin Nuvi 1300 1350 1390 1450 1490 GPS.
  91. How to Test Shocks and Struts.
  92. How to Test and Replace a Bad Car Battery
  93. How to Test and Replace a Radiator Cooling Fan Switch
  94. How to Test and Replace an Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor P0115 / P0125
  95. How to Test an Alternator
  96. How to Reset "MAINT REQD" Light on 2004 Toyota Sienna XLE.
  97. How to Reset Airbag Light Toyota Sienna.
  98. How to Reset An Airbag Light Toyota All Models.
  99. How to Reset Low Tire Pressure Light (TPMS) Tire Monitoring System.
  100. How to Reset the Low Tire Pressure Light (TPMS) on a Toyota Sienna.
  101. How to Restore / Reset a Garmin Nuvi GPS to Factory Settings Both Methods / Ways
  102. How to Restore Vehicle's Headlights.
  103. How to Restore Headlights Permanently.
  104. How to Turn off Airbag Light
  105. How to Check and Add Brake Fluid Level for:
  106. How to Set up Blue Tooth on a Acura RL
  107. How to Get 2004-2008 Acura TL Radio and Navigation Code Quick and Easily
  108. How to Get and Erase Airbag Trouble Codes
  109. How to Erase Reset SRS Airbag Warning Light on Dashboard
  110. How to Stop Car Windows from Steaming Up
  111. How to Stop Oil Leak for Transmission, Power Steering and Radiator.
  112. How to Properly Jump Start a Car.
  113. How to Jump Start a Car.
  114. How to Use Jumper Cables.
  115. How to Paint Brake Calipers.
  116. How to Mount and Balance a Car Tire Yourself
  117. How to Super Clean the Inside of Your Windshield
  118. How to Remove and Replace a Control Arm
  119. How to Remove and Install Tomtom 7" Touchscreen BT Stereo on Toyota Sienna 2004-2010
  120. How to Remove a Stereo on Toyota Sienna 2004-2010.
  121. How to Do an Alignment on a Car at Home Using Only a Tape-Measure
  122. How to Drop a Gas Tank.
  123. How to Make Windshield Wiper Blades Like New in 30 Seconds
  124. How to Clean & Restore Headlights - Remove Yellow, Foggy Headlight Oxidation!
  125. How to Recharge an AC System.
  126. How to Unlock and Start a BMW with a Dead Key Fob
  127. How to Start a Lexus Engine with Dead Key Battery.
  128. How to Install HID Xenon for Lexus IS250/350 2006-2012.
  129. How to Program 2004 Toyota Sienna LE Immobilizer Keys.
  130. How to Tell If Shocks and Struts Are Bad.
  131. How to Open Your Lexus Door When the Key Fob or Battery Is Dead
  132. How to Open Lexus ES 300H Door
  133. When Key fob Battery Is Dead
  134. How to Open Your Lexus E-Latch Door With a Drained Battery
  135. How to Enter and Start Your Lexus When Your Key Fob Battery Has Failed
  136. How to Start Lexus Engine With Dead Key Battery
  137. How to Get in Your Lexus When Car Battery and Fob Battery Are Dead

Car Problems & Repair Tips

▷ Car Parts Discussion Forum
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▷ Car Repair News, Info & Facts
  1. Auto Repair Basics | FTC
  2. Maintenance Basics.
  3. Car Maintenance Care
  4. Car Repair Estimator
  5. Auto Repair and Maintenance Estimates.
  6. Repair Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit Malfunction (Error Code P0115)
  7. Transmission Problems & Diagnosis
  8. Radiator Coolant Leak Detection and Repair
  9. Check Engine Light
  10. Tire Speed Ratings Chart.
  11. Tire Speed Rating.
  12. Aftermarket Versus OEM Car Parts: Is the Extra Cost Worth It?
  13. Finding Parts for Used Cars
  14. Got a Car Repair Question?
  15. Did You Get a Letter Saying Your Vehicle's Warranty Has Expired? It’s Probably a Scam
  16. Preventative Radiator Maintenance
  17. The Best Car Battery Brand to Use for Lasting Performance.
  18. Tesla Model 3 Owners Get Candid About LFP Battery Health and Degradation
  19. Choosing the Best Car Battery.
  20. Replacing Your Car Battery.
  21. Battery Manufacturing Solutions for EV
  22. Dead Key or Vehicle Battery? Learn How To Start Your Lexus! (video)
  23. Lexus Battery Dying Overnight? After Sitting for a Few Days? (video)
  24. Unlock 2006-2012 Lexus ES350 Trunk With Dead Battery (video)
  25. Steps for Changing a Flat Tire.
  26. Harbor Freight Manual Tire Changer Review
  27. Dunlop SP4000 Vehicle Tire Consumer Complaints
  28. Tools Needed to Change a Tire - Change a Tire.
  29. Flat Tire Repair.
  30. The Importance of Proper Tire Pressure.
  31. Run Flat Tires Help Maintain Vehicle Mobility...Even After Being Punctured.
  32. Run-Flat Tires/No Flat Tires - The Pros and Cons
  33. Run-Flat Tires: Pros and Cons
  34. Run Flat Tires: Pros and Cons | State Farm
  35. Best Tire Brands | Consumer Reports
  36. The Pros and Cons of Run-Flat Tires.
  37. Run-Flat Tires: Pros and Cons.
  38. Driving on Flat Run-Flat Tires.
  39. Run-Flat Tires Review.
  40. Tire Rotation Benefits.
  41. Determine the Age of a Tire.
  42. Tire Noises While Driving: What Do They Mean?.
  43. Online Tire-Buying
  44. Confessions of a Tire Salesman.
  45. Do You Need to Change Your Car's Power-Steering Fluid
  46. Do I Need to Replace My Car's Gas Tank?.
  47. Is Oil for High-Mileage Engines Worth the Extra Cost?.
  48. Change Your Own Oil.
  49. Changing Engine Oil & Filter.
  50. Bosch Hook Arm Wiper Blade Installation.
  51. Timing Belt Change.
  52. Timing Belt Replacement Prices & Cost Estimates
  53. Timing Belt Replacement Service & Cost.
  54. Cost of Replacing a Timing Belt.
  55. Timing Belt Change: Watch out for the Warning Signs of Damages!
  56. Do I Really Need to Replace My Timing Belt?
  57. Timing Belt Replacement: 8 Signs it's Time.
  58. Changing Your Car's Timing Belt and Water Pump.
  59. Timing Belt Replacement - Marks on Timing Belt.
  60. Is Changing a Starter Easy?.
  61. Starter Replacement Service & Cost.
  62. Acura RL Center Console Upholstery Repair (Arm Rest)
  63. The Best OBD2 Scanner tools with Reviews 2016.
  64. Various Car Lighting Parts and What You Can Do With Them.
  65. Engine Cranks But Won't Start.
  66. Retrieving Trouble Codes Using a Code Reader.
  67. Confessions from the Auto Body Shop.
  68. Avoid Getting Ripped off on Repairs and Maintenance.
  69. Steering Wheel Shakes.
  70. Stop Changing Your Oil - Breaking the 3,000-Mile Habit.
  71. The Top-Down Oil Change.
  72. Fuel Filter Replacement.
  73. Fuel Pump Replacement.
  74. Lessening the Blow With Good Shocks and Struts
  75. Shock Absorber Replacement.
  76. Upper Control Arm Replacement.
  77. Front Control Arm: Problems, When to Replace, Repair Cost.
  78. Tie Rod End Replacement.
  79. Car Repair Q&A
  80. Power Steering Fluid Flush and Fill
  81. Bad Power Steering Pump: Symptoms & Replacement Cost
  82. Power Steering Pump Replacement
  83. Replacing a Bad Power Steering Pump
  84. Lexus ES 350 (2007) No Crank Diag and Fix
  85. Lexus D4S Headlight Bulb Replacement IS250/350.
  86. Lexus IS250 HID Turns on Then Off - Faulty Bulb or Bad Ballast.
  87. Lexus ES 350 Transmission Issues
  88. Lexus Transmission Repair Cost – Watch out for the Lexus ES 350!
  89. TSIB Update: ES 350 Transmission 3-4 Gear Shift Flare - 2007 - 2012 Lexus ES350
  90. Lexus Technical Service Information Bulletin (TISB) TC005-03 - 2004-2005 RX330
  91. Tesla Maintenance: Cost, Plans & Service Schedule (2022)
  92. Maintaining Your Tesla: Everything You Need to Know
  93. Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Maintenance Cost ...
  94. Tesla Model S Maintenance Schedule and Costs
  95. Tesla Repair: Service and Maintenance Cost
  96. Headlight Change 2003-2008 Infiniti FX35 Base 3.5L V6
  97. Jumper Cables Made Easy for Beginner.
  98. Airbag Light on Continuously - Easy Fix!.
  99. Diagnosing Starter Problems.
  100. Does Stop Leak Work?
  101. Regular Oil vs Synthetic Oil.
  102. Headlight Lens Restore Using Toothpaste!.
  103. Dead 12V Car Battery Recovery Recharge & Revive from 5V
  104. Reconditioning a 12 Volt Car Battery: 100% Success.
  105. Oil Change Scam.
  106. Cars Lack Brake-Override Systems:
  107. Cars Do Not Have Brake-Override Systems, But Plan to Add Them In 2011 models:
  108. Cars Have Brake-Override Systems:
  109. Car On-board Diagnostics.
  110. On-Board Diagnostic II (OBD II) Systems Fact Sheet.
  111. OBD-II Codes Definition.
  112. OBD2 Vehicle Plug Pinouts.
  113. Gasoline Standards - State Fuel Programs.
  114. Automotive Repair Tools
  115. Basic Hand Tools
  116. Automotive Hand tools
  117. Automotive Repair Tools and Equipment
  118. Most Often Replaced Car Parts.
  119. Look up Technical Service Bulletins & Recalls for Your Vehicle.
  120. OEM Automotive Service Information Websites & Access Fees.
  121. Trouble Code Help.
  122. Find an Auto Repair Shop.
  123. Auto Accidents: Mechanical Problems That Increase Your Risk.
  124. Is Cheap Gas Bad for Your Car?
  125. Should You Change Your Car's Power Steering Fluid?
  126. Should You Fill Your Car's Tires With Nitrogen?
  127. Repair or Replace Your Windshield the Right Way
  128. Do I Have to Use the Manufacturer's Oil?
  129. The High Cost of Losing Your Keys
  130. Is Your New Car Smell Harming You?
  131. Oil Life Monitoring Systems
  132. Using Edmunds to Troubleshoot Car Problems.
  133. Car Not Fixed Right? Get Results from the Auto Repair Shop.
  134. Aftermarket Versus Manufacturer Car Parts.
  135. Should I Fix Up or Trade Up My Old Car?.
  136. Broke With a Beater: How to Maintain an Old Car.
  137. Choosing (and Using) the Right Engine Oil.
  138. Garage Storage and Organization Made Easy.
  139. Is Your Car a Mess? Organize Your Car in Five Steps.
  140. Don't Be Stranded by a Missed Recall Notice.
  141. Roles of the Dealership Service Staff …Who Does What?.
  142. Corner Garage vs. Dealer Service Department.
  143. Oils Well That Ends Well.
  144. Interior Motives - The Basics of Interior Detailing.
  145. Most Overlooked Car Maintenance Items You Should Know
  146. Auto Body Repair Facts
  147. Auto Body Repair Costs
  148. Vinyl Wrap vs Paint
  149. OEM Parts vs After Market Parts
  150. Common Car Repair Problems:
  151. Do I Need a New Transmission?
  152. Remanufactured Toyota & Lexus Transmissions
  153. Lexus Transmission Repair and Replacement Prices & Cost Estimates
  154. Replace Transmission or Buy a New Car?
  155. Signs of a Bad Transmission Valve Body & Repair Cost
  156. Does My Car Have OBD-II?.
  157. Lexus U480 OBD2 Car Diagnostic Scanner Fault Code Reader.
  158. Lexus Compatible OBD2 and ELM327.
  159. Bluetooth: Still Indispensable, Still Imperfect.
  160. CR1616 Can Be Used for Wireless Lexus Car Key Battery - Video.
  161. Car Maintenance Checklist
  162. Diagnosing Common Car Engine Noises.
  163. Common Causes and Signs of a Bad Thermostat
  164. Is Your Car Making Noise?
  165. Engine Is Running Louder than Normal Inspection Service & Cost.
  166. Common Car Noises and What They Mean.
  167. Winter Auto Maintenance Checklist.
  168. Aftermarket Automotive Parts.
  169. Do I Really Need to Replace My Car's Power Steering Fluid?
  170. Parts of An Alternator and How They Work
  171. Chassis Saver Underbody Rust Prevention.
  172. High End Brake Systems
  173. Saving Money With Automotive Used Parts.
  174. Finding and Installing Car Parts.
  175. Don't Wait Until You Have a Problem to Start Looking for a Good Repair Shop.
  176. Time to Change Your Vehicle's Cabin Air Filter
  177. Find Bargains on Auto Repair Shop Ratings.
  178. 4 Symptoms of Low Transmission Fluid (video)
  179. 5 Causes of a Steering Wheel That's Hard to Turn
  180. 5 Best OBD2 scanners for Toyota & Lexus.
  181. 5 Crucial Facts About Transmission Repair.
  182. 5 Facts You Didn't Know About Your Vehicle's Tires.
  183. 5 Popular Car Maintenance Myths.
  184. 5 Car Noises You Should Not Ignore.
  185. 5 Sounds that Signal Your Car Needs Auto Repairs.
  186. 5 Warning Lights You Should Never Ignore!.
  187. 5 Automotive Fixes You Can Do Yourself.
  188. 5 Old School Repair Tricks Every Car Owner Should Know
  189. 5 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Alternator
  190. 5 Amazing Ideas for Charging any 12V Battery (DIY) (video)
  191. 5 Things Your Car May Need Now!.
  192. 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Replace Your Fuel Tank.
  193. 5 Ways to Save Money on Auto Repairs.
  194. 5 Ways to Make Your Car Run Forever.
  195. 5 Ways to Change a Car Battery.
  196. 5 Ways to Avoid Rip-Offs.
  197. 5 Simple Reasons to Keep Your Gas Tank Full.
  198. 5 Reasons Your Check Engine Light May Be on.
  199. 5 Reasons Your Car May Start and Die and How to Fix It
  200. 6 Reasons That Cause Cars to Shake When Braking.
  201. 6 Ways to Extend EV Battery Life, Plus 6 Things Lithium-Ion Batteries Hate
  202. 6 Top Causes of Steering Wheel Hard to Turn and Solutions.
  203. 6 of the Best Synthetic Oils for Protecting Your Car's Engine.
  204. 7 Most Common Automatic Transmission Problems.
  205. 7 Ways to Maintain Your Luxury Car.
  206. 7 Ways You Are Completely Wasting Money on Your Car
  207. 7 Easy Ways to Keep a Car Battery Charged Through Winter
  208. 7 Car Noises You Should Never Ignore
  209. 8 Top Things That Will Drain Your Car Battery
  210. 8 Reasons Your Car Won’t Start
  211. 10 Top Reasons for a Transmission Problem.
  212. 10 Top Signs of Worn Shocks and Struts.
  213. 10 Warning Transmission Trouble Signs You Need Repair.
  214. 10 Common Transmission Problems.
  215. 10 Most Common Transmission Problems & How to Fix Them.
  216. 10 Easy Cars to Maintain and Repair.
  217. 10 Bad Driving Habits That Could Ruin Your Engine
  218. 10 Basic Things Every Car Owner Should Know.
  219. 10 Basic Car Repairs Everyone Should Know
  220. 10 Least Expensive Luxury Cars to Maintain.
  221. 10 Car Noises and What They Mean.
  222. 12 Top Most Common Car Problems and Issues
  223. 13 Things Your Car Mechanic Won't Tell You | Reader's Digest
  224. 14 Most Common Transmission Problems
  225. 15 Cool Facts You'll Dig About Car Repair History
  226. 16 Car Noises You Should Not Ignore.
  227. 30 Things Your Car Mechanic Won't Tell You
  228. 100,000-Mile Maintenance Costs for top-Selling Cars.
▷ Car Repair Guides & Tips
  1. Car Repair Guide
  2. Car Maintenance Guide
  3. Car Maintenance & Repair Guide
  4. Auto Repair & Car Maintenance Guides | AutoZone
  5. Auto Maintenance Guide
  6. Auto Repair Guide & Tips | Champion Auto Parts
  7. Auto Repair Guides, Tips, & Product Reviews
  8. A Quick Guide to Recalls.
  9. Hi-Lift Jack Review and Guide.
  10. A Guide to Battery Charging
  11. Best Car Battery Reviews and Buying Guide.
  12. Tire Size Guide.
  13. Timing Belt Replacement Cost Guide.
  14. Lexus Replacement Bulb Guide.
  15. Do-It-Yourself Guide.
  16. The Complete Car Starter Repair Cost Guide.
  17. The Ultimate Guide to Car Maintenance
  18. The Ultimate Guide to Audi Service & Maintenance
  19. Car Problems Guide - Car Leaking, Noises and More
  20. The Complete Control Arm Replacement Cost Guide.
  21. Full Car Service Checklist - All-in-one Maintenance Guide
  22. Step-by-Step Automotive Painting Guide
  23. Car Accident Repair: Step-by-Step Guide, Tips & FAQs
  24. Gas Saving Tips: The Ultimate Guide
  25. Guide to Painting Model Car
  26. Auto Repair Questions and Answers - Get Car Help and Advice.
  27. Advice on Auto Repair Q & A | Reddit.
  28. Car Talk Service Advice.
  29. Auto Repair Advice: Do's & Don'ts of Buying Auto Parts.
  30. Car Repair Advice.
  31. Auto Repair Advice and Technical Tips for Import Cars.
  32. Car Repair & Car Care Advice for Do-It-Yourselfers.
  33. Auto Repair Tips & Advice
  34. Mercedes Auto Parts, Repair Advice & Technical Maintenance Tips.
  35. Purchasing Car Parts and Other Auto Advice.
  36. Auto Repair Advice & Technical Maintenance Tips For Do-It-Yourselfers.
  37. Auto Body Painting Safety Tips
  38. Tips for a Successful Auto Body Repair
  39. Advice and Tips for Car Repair Savings
  40. Legal Advice on Unauthorized Repairs
  41. Auto Parts Tips & Advice
  42. Tips and Advice | NAPA Auto Parts
  43. Auto Advice & Car Parts
  44. Auto Repair Tips & Advice
  45. Auto Repair Questions, Answers, & Advice
  46. Auto Repair Advice: Do's & Don'ts of Buying Auto Parts
  47. Car Repair Tips for Fast Fixes.
  48. EV Battery Charging Maintenance Tips to Extend Its Life
  49. Tips and Advice for Electric Car Owners
  50. Auto Parts - Buying & Savings Tips
  51. Tips and Advice on Buying Auto Parts Online
  52. Car Repair Tips for Fast Fixes
  53. Basic Car Maintenance Tips.
  54. Maintenance Advice for Mercedes.
  55. Luxury Car Repair Tips for the Summer
  56. Luxury Car Maintenance: High-End Vehicle Care Tips.
  57. Auto Advice & Technical Car Repair Tips for Imports
  58. Tips, Advice & FAQ's
  59. Useful Car Repair Tips.
  60. Power-Steering Fluid Service Advice
  61. Maintenance Tips for Old Cars: Avoid Costly Expenses
  62. Auto Maintenance Tips.
  63. Luxury Car Maintenance Tips.
  64. Tips for Choosing an Auto Repair Shop.
  65. Auto Repair Advice & Technical Tips for Import Cars.
  66. Car Talk Do-It-Yourself Tips ... Do Not Fix Your Car!
  67. Maintenance Tips Help You Get top Dollar at Trade-In.
  68. Car Maintenance & Auto Repair Tips
  69. Car Repair Tips: Ignition, Heating, Ventilation & A/C Systems, Exhaust System, Emissions, Cooling System, Charging System, Conventional Brakes, ABS Brakes, Transmission, ...
  70. Summer Car Maintenance Tips
  71. Car Maintenance Tips
  72. Car Care Tips
  73. 3 Basic Radiator Maintenance Tips
  74. 4 Tips to Avoid Costly Winter Car Repairs.
  75. 4 Tips for Taking Care of Your Luxury Car.
  76. 4 Tips to Taking Care of Your Luxury Car Like a Pro.
  77. 5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Luxury Car.
  78. 5 Tips for Maintaining an Electric Car.
  79. 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Auto Body Shop.
  80. 5 Tips for Tackling Your First Big Car Repair.
  81. 5 Tips for Buying Car Parts on Ebay.
  82. 5 Tips for EV Charging in Cold Weather
  83. 5 Top Tips to Maintaining EV Battery Life
  84. 5 Summer Luxury Vehicle Maintenance Tips.
  85. 5 Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Luxury German Vehicle.
  86. 7 Tips to Protect Your Car from Hail
  87. 7 Radiator Cooling Tips for High Performance Autos
  88. 8 DIY Car Maintenance Tips You Can Handle.
  89. 10 Top Tips to Maximize EV Battery Life
  90. 10 Top Car Care Tips.
  91. 10 Tips for Good Auto Repair Service - Edmunds
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  94. 20 Essential Car Maintenance Tips.
  95. 21 Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Tips from Pep Boys.
  96. 51 Car Care & Maintenance Tips
  97. 74 Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Car
  98. 74 Tips to Extend the Life of Car.
  99. 100 Car Tips.

How, Who, What, When, Where & Why

  1. How to Update a Garmin GPS
  2. How to Update Your Car With the Latest Tech Features
  3. How to Update Mercedes COMAND Firmware
  4. How to Upgrade a Car's Infotainment System
  5. How to Upgrade Your Old Car With a New In-Dash Navigation System
  6. How to Update Car Navigation Systems
  7. How to Change Car Headlights
  8. How to Change a Headlight
  9. How to Change Transmission Fluid
  10. How to Change Your Transmission Fluid
  11. How to Change Transmission Fluid: 10 Steps (with Pictures)
  12. How to Change Transmission Fluid and Filter
  13. How to Change Transmission Fluid & Filter (Step by Step)
  14. How to Change Power Steering Fluid (DIY)
  15. How to Change Power Steering Fluid
  16. How to Change Power Steering Fluid | Car Bibles
  17. How to Change a Car, Truck, or SUV Battery.
  18. How to Change the Oil in Your Car.
  19. How to Change Your Oil. | Edmunds
  20. How to Change Your Oil. | Autozone
  21. How to Change a Car's Oil.
  22. How to Change Your Car's Oil.
  23. How to Change Oil in Your Car.
  24. How to Change Your Vehicle's Oil?.
  25. How to Change Your Vehicle's Fuel Filter.
  26. How to Change Your Fuel Filter.
  27. How to Change a Fuel Filter (with Pictures).
  28. How to Change a Fuel Filter, Step By Step.
  29. How to Change Fuel Filter | O'Reilly Auto Parts.
  30. How to Change a Tire
  31. How to Change a Tire | DMV
  32. How to Change a Car Tire.
  33. How to Change a Flat Tire
  34. How to Change a Tire Step By Step - Changing a Flat Tire.
  35. How to Change a Tire: 5-Step Guide to Survive a Flat Tire
  36. How to Change a Tire in 10 Steps
  37. How to Change a Tire: 14 Steps (with Pictures)
  38. How to Change Your Car's Tire.
  39. How to Change Your Car Oil by Yourself.
  40. How to Change Your Car's Oil (7 Simple Steps).
  41. How to Change a Timing Belt.
  42. How to Change a Car Thermostat?
  43. How to Change Your Car's Starter Motor Like a Pro in 45 Minutes.
  44. How to Change Your Car's Motor Oil and Filter.
  45. How to Change Brake Pads.
  46. How to Change Car's Brake Pads
  47. How to Change Your Car's Brake Pads.
  48. How to Change Your Brake Pads (Step by Step).
  49. How to Change Cabin Air Filter.
  50. How to Change Your Cabin Air Filter.
  51. How to Change Cabin Air Filter | NAPA Filters.
  52. How to Change a Car Battery Yourself.
  53. How to Replace a Cracked Windshield
  54. How to Replace Your Automobile Windshield (with Pictures)
  55. How to Replace a Windshield
  56. How to Replace a Car Starter.
  57. How to Replace Your Car's Starter.
  58. How to Replace a Starter Motor.
  59. How to Replace Brake Pads.
  60. How to Replace a Control Arm Assembly.
  61. How to Replace a Front Lower Control Arm.
  62. How to Replace Front Brake Pads and Rotors.
  63. How to Replace the Fuel Pump in a Gas Tank.
  64. How to Replace a Timing Belt.
  65. How to Replace a Power Steering Pump (10 Steps)
  66. How to Replace an Automotive Engine Power Steering Pump
  67. How to Replace Power Steering Oil
  68. How to Replace Power Steering Fluid (with a Drain)
  69. How to Fix Your Car's Oxygen Sensor
  70. How to Fix Foggy Headlights.
  71. How to Fix Your Power Steering Problems.
  72. How to Fix Power Steering Fluid Leaks.
  73. How to Fix 4 Common Power Steering Problems.
  74. How to Fix Automotive Power Steering Problems.
  75. How to Fix & Start Your Car When It Won't Start
  76. How to Read Your Tire.
  77. How to Read Speed Rating, Load Index & Service Descriptions for Tires.
  78. How to Read Speed Rating and Load Index for Tires.
  79. How to Buy Auto Parts Without Getting Screwed.
  80. How to Buy a Good Used Car (and NOT a Lemon!).
  81. How to Buy Used Auto Parts
  82. How to Buy Auto Parts Without Getting Screwed.
  83. How to Install a Car Starter (14 Steps).
  84. How to Install Windshield Sun Shades
  85. How to Check Tire Pressure and Inflate Tires.
  86. How to Check Your Car's Oil
  87. How to Check Power Steering Fluid (and When to Change It)
  88. How to Check an Alternator: 8 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
  89. How to Properly Check and Fill Tires
  90. How to Do a Parasitic Battery Drain Test
  91. How to Dispose of Batteries.
  92. How to Dispose of Motor Oil | AutoZone.
  93. How to Properly Dispose of Motor Oil.
  94. How to Recycle Used Motor Oil.
  95. How to Install Engine Piston Rings.
  96. How to Diagnose Engine Noise | Advance Auto Parts
  97. How to Maintain a Happy and Healthy Radiator
  98. How to Wash and Wax Your Car.
  99. How to Clean Leather Car Seats?
  100. How to Spray Paint a Car? (5-Step Guide)
  101. How to Prep Your Car for Long-Term Storage
  102. How to Recharge a Dead Car Battery Safely & Quickly
  103. How to Handle Check Engine Light
  104. How to Diagnose Your Check Engine Light for Free
  105. How to Choose the Best Car Battery Replacement.
  106. How to Remove and Install a Car Battery.
  107. How to Flush a Radiator and Change the Coolant
  108. How to Add Radiator Fluid
  109. How to Use a Tire Repair Kit.
  110. How to Preserve a Electric Car's Battery
  111. How to Take Care of Your Electric Vehicle Battery.
  112. How to Test a Car Battery
  113. How to Test a Car Battery (DIY)
  114. How to Test a Car Battery at Home (with no Equipment)
  115. How to Test a Car Alternator
  116. How to Test an Alternator - Step-by-Step Guide
  117. How to Test an Alternator's Voltage Regulator
  118. How to Test an Alternator for Problems
  119. How to Test an Oil Pressure Sensor on Your RV
  120. How to Keep Your BMW Running Like New.
  121. How to Keep Your Electric Car's Battery Healthy
  122. How to Tell if Your Body Shop Did the Job Correctly
  123. How to Know When to Replace Your Timing Belt
  124. How to Avoid Auto Repair Fraud Scams & Rip-Offs.
  125. How to Find a High-Quality Car Repair Shop
  126. How to Find a Good Car Mechanic
  127. How to Protect Your Wallet at the Repair Shop?
  128. How to Get Your Vehicle's Interior Germ-Free without Hurting It.
  129. How to Reset an Oil Change Light?
  130. How to Give Your Car a Perfect Wax
  131. How Long Does a Car Battery in a New Car Last?
  132. How Long Will My Belts and Hoses Last?
  133. How Long Does It Take to Charge a Car Battery?
  134. How Long Do Tires Last?.
  135. How Long Does Power Steering Fluid Last?.
  136. How Long Does It Take to Charge a Car Battery with a 12 Volt Charger?
  137. How Often to Rotate Tires
  138. How Often Should Tires/Wheels Be Balanced?
  139. How Often Should You Change the Oil in Your Car?.
  140. How Often Is It Necessary to Change Power Steering Fluid?.
  141. How Often Do You Need To Change Your Car’s Oil to Keep An Healthy Engine.
  142. How Often Should You Rotate Your Tires?.
  143. How Often Do I Need to Have the Power Steering Fluid Replaced?
  144. How Often Should I Replace My Brake Pads and Rotors?
  145. How Often Do I Need to Change My Brake Fluid?
  146. How Often Should I Refill My Brake Fluid?
  147. How Often Should You Replace the Power Steering Fluid?
  148. How Often Should I Change Power Steering Fluid?
  149. How Often Should You Replace Your Timing Belt?
  150. How Much Should It Cost to Get Your Car Fixed?.
  151. How Much Does It Cost to Repair or Replace a Windscreen.
  152. How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Fuel Tank?.
  153. How Much Does It Cost to Have a GPS Installed in Your Car?
  154. How Much Does Tesla Maintenance Cost? (2022)
  155. How Much Does It Cost for Car GPS Updates?
  156. How Much Does Auto Body Repair Costs?
  157. How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Bad Transmission?
  158. How Do I Change The Car Battery in My Lexus?
  159. How Do I Know Whether My Car Is OBD-II Compliant.
  160. How Do I know When to Change My Brake Pads and Rotors?
  161. How Do I Check the Pad Life on My Disc Brakes?
  162. How Can a Technical Service Bulletin Help Me?.
  163. How Can I Tell If I Need New Brakes?
  164. How Severe Cold Affects Your Car (and What to Do about It)
  165. How Fast Can I Charge A Car Battery?
  166. How Ignition Interlock Systems Can Save Lives.
  167. How Timing Belt Replacement Works.
  168. How Old — and Dangerous — Are Your Tires?.
  169. How Run-Flat Tires Work (Pros and Cons)
  170. How Far Should I Go on My Brakes?
  171. How Consumers Are Often Overcharged for Repairs.
  172. What to Do When Your Hybrid Car's Battery Dies?
  173. What to Do When Your Engine Overheats?
  174. What to Do If Your Car Overheats?
  175. What to Do When Your Car Won't Start or Turn Over
  176. What Are Common Exhaust System Problems?
  177. What Are the Most Common Electrical Problems?
  178. What Are Car Radiators and How to Maintain Them?
  179. What Is a Tune-Up? (Car Tune-Up Checklist)
  180. What Is Included in a Tune-up?
  181. What Is Your Engine Oil Telling You?.
  182. What Is "Run-flat Tires"?
  183. What Is Wrong With My Car?
  184. What Is a Coolant Flush and Does My Car Need It?
  185. What Is a Car Tune-Up?
  186. What Is the Average Tesla Maintenance Cost?
  187. What Is the Average Cost to Replace a Car Starter?.
  188. What Is the Proper Voltage for a Fully Charged Car Battery?
  189. What Is the Minimum I Should Drive My Car?
  190. What Is Causing That Smell in My Car?
  191. What Do You Need to Know of Brake Pads?
  192. What Do You Need to Know of ABS System?
  193. What Does the Check-Engine Light Mean?
  194. What Does the Check Engine Light Really Mean?
  195. What Does Your Check Engine Light Mean?
  196. What Does a Car Radiator Do?
  197. What is the Cost of Replacing a Transmission?
  198. What You Should Know About Car Control Arms.
  199. What You Should Know of Routine Vehicle Maintenance
  200. What You Should Know About Gas Tank Repair
  201. What You Need to Know of Transmission Fluid
  202. What Happens When a Run-Flat Tire Goes Flat?
  203. What Happens When Your Timing Belt Snaps and How to Fix It.
  204. What Your Check Engine Light Is Telling You?
  205. What Causes Car Batteries to Fail?
  206. What Causes Car Won’t Start With New Battery?
  207. What Goes Wrong With Cars (and When).
  208. When to Replace a Timing Belt.
  209. When to Change My Cars Fluids
  210. When to Change Your Power Steering Fluid.
  211. When to Change Your Power Steering Fluid | AutoZone.
  212. When Is It Time to Change Power Steering Fluid?.
  213. When Do You Need to Replace Your Brakes?
  214. When Do You Need to Replace Drive-Axle Boots?
  215. When Do the Control Arms Need to Be Replaced?
  216. When Does the Timing Belt Need to Be Replaced?
  217. When Should the Oxygen Sensor Be Replaced?
  218. When Should You Replace Power Steering Fluid?
  219. When Should You Change Your Oil?
  220. Where to Find Used Parts?
  221. Where to Recycle Batteries | Energizer
  222. Why Is My Engine Making Noises?
  223. Why Is the Battery Light On?
  224. Why Is the ABS Light On?
  225. Why Is My Steering Wheel Hard to Turn?
  226. Why Is My Steering Wheel Hard to Turn? | Jiffy Lube
  227. Why Is My Steering Wheel So Hard to Turn?
  228. Why Are My Brakes Squealing?
  229. Why Do You Change the Oil in Cars?.
  230. Why Do You Need to Change Your Vehicle's Power Steering Fluid?
  231. Why Does My Air Conditioning Run at Only One Speed?
  232. Why Does the Air Conditioning Blow Hot Air?
  233. Why Does My Car Heater Blow Cold Air?
  234. Why Does My Car Battery Discharge Overnight or When Parked?
  235. Why Does the Pedal Vibrate When I Hit the Brakes?
  236. Why Does My Battery Keep Dying?.
  237. Why Did My 12-Volt Power Outlet Stop Working?
  238. Why Your Car Is Making a Rattling Noise, and What to Do?
  239. Why Batteries Discharge More Quickly in Cold Weather
  240. Why Your Car Won't Start
  241. Why Your Car Won't Start Even Though the Lights Work
  242. Why Car Won't Start When Engine Is Hot
  243. Why Car Won't Start in the Morning But Will in the Afternoon
  244. Why Automatic Transmission Is Slipping When Accelerating
  245. Why Mercedes-Benz Is Recalling Nearly 300,000 SUVs
  246. Why Car Repairs Have Become So Expensive

Auto Part Brands

(Source: Walmart.com)
Tire Load Indexes
[e.g.; 195/70R14 87(S), P205/65R15 92(H) or P205/65R15 94(V)]
Load Index Lbs/Kgs Load Index Lbs/Kgs
71 761/345 91 1356/615
72 783/355 92 1389/630
73 805/365 93 1433/650
74 827/375 94 1477/670
75 853/387 95 1521/690
76 882/400 96 1565/710
77 908/412 97 1609/730
78 937/425 98 1653/750
79 963/437 99 1709/775
80 992/450 100 1764/800
81 1019/462 101 1819/825
82 1047/475 102 1874/850
83 1074/487 103 1929/875
84 1102/500 104 1984/900
85 1135/515 105 2039/925
86 1168/530 106 2094/950
87 1201/545 107 2149/975
88 1235/560 108 2205/1000
89 1279/580 109 2271/1030
90 1323/600 110 2337/1060

Tire Speeds Specifications & Use
[e.g.; 195/70VR14, P205/65R15 92(H) or P205/65R15 92(V)]
Speed Symbol Max Speed (mph) Max Speed (km/h) Typical Use
L 75 120 Off-Road & Light Truck Tires
M 81 130 Temporary Spare Tires
N 87 140  
P 93 150  
Q 99 160 Studless & Studless Winter Tires
R 106 170 H.D. Light Truck Tires
S  112  180 Family Sedans & Vans
T 118 190 Family Sedans & Vans
U 124 200  
H 130 210 Sport Sedans & Coupes
V 149 240 Sport Sedans, Coupes & Sport Cars
W 168 270 Exotic Sport Cars
Y 186 300 Exotic Sport Cars

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