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eMacromall EZ-Phone

eMacromall EZ-Phone is a high quality voice service for PC users to make international calls without through  traditional phone services. EZ-Phone, the power of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), ensures high call clarity from and to any country in the world.















Key Features and Benefits

Besides offering high quality voice communication, EZ-Phone offers you:

  • PC-to-PC calls - with ID display - to other eMacromall EZ-Phone members anywhere in the world
  • Video calling that allows  you to speak, hear and see at the same time
  • Voice mail with text, file or picture attached.
  • Exchange of pictures and files while you speak
  • Answering machine features that enable you to leave a voice or text message, listen and save a message, and record your greetings
  • Settings function that allows you to use the phone behind your own secured firewall.
  • Address book consisted of a list of frequent call numbers

What are the system requirements for EZ-Phone?

In order to use EZ-Phone, you  will need a Microsoft Window based PC with Internet access, full duplex sound card, and a good speaker and microphone or headset with microphone. Make sure your Operating System is Microsoft Windows.  EZ-Phone does not support other operating systems. As soon as you installed EZ-Phone, you are able to place a call to other EZ-Phone members.  You will need to plug either a headset, or speakers & a microphone into the appropriate jacks in your computer or laptop to speak with or hear from the person at the other end. Minimum data transmission of 28.8kps is required.  

How do I use eMacromall EZ-Phone?

EZ Phone allows you to place a call from and to any countries at anytime.   To use EZ-Phone both you and the person at the other end need to download a client dialer onto the PCs.  This download is simple, easy and fast.  After downloading, just click on the "ezphone.zip" to unzip the file, then click on "ezphone 1.6.exe" to install the software. You can also download the EZ-Phone Userís Guide.

A signup is required to use EZ-Phone. This is a simple process where you will be required to input some basic information. Once you have signed up and registered online, you will receive a confirmation email and an account email with your new PHONE number and PIN. With this account and PIN information, you will be able to start using EZ-Phone. 

To place a call, enter a EZ-Phone member's ID into the dial box, and click the green phone ("Dial" button). You can also add your friends' ID  to your address book, and place a call by clicking on the phone number.  If you have a video camera hooked up to your PC, you can place a video call., which allows both you and the person of the other end to see each other while speaking.  You can receive a video call even your  PC does not have a video camera installed. 

How much I have to pay to use EZ-Phone?


What are the payment methods?


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